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Sounds That Move is an online space that collects, disseminates and originates ideas on sound practice, with the aim of creating a platform that combines sound studies and sound design in an accessible and straightforward way.

It currently has three strands: THE SOUND DESIGNER'S PLAYBOOK, a weekly newsletter designed to give regular and easily digestible and actionable sound-focussed motivation. SOUND CASTLES is an audio blog that promotes and encourages everyday field recording and listening. SOUND WALKING delves into the sound of spaces.


The Sound Designer’s Playbook


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Sound Walking

What do we hear when we focus on the sound of a space? A location? I recently discovered that I love listening to spaces and commenting on them. I find it meditative as well as really fascinating.



Sound Castles is an audio blogroll of aural postcards, each one a snapshot in time, recording of a sound event. Sometimes I write a few notes about the sound itself, my reaction to listening to it, or recording, or anything interesting that the recording might reveal.